Friday, March 28, 2014

Its a Super Woman Hard Core Sew Today with Greenstyle's Centerfield Raglan

A few months ago, I participated in a test of one of Greenstyle Creations patterns.  We were traveling in our RV and I commented that that's where I was sewing . . . . and I was then told that I was "hardcore".

Today I think I'll show you how hardcore I can be.  In that, I like to cheat sometimes.  I'm lazy.

I keep patterns fully printed and taped hanging in my ginormous sewing closet.  My daughter wanted her Centerfield Raglan in a bad way.  (Even though she's 22, she can stomp her feet like a 2 year old.)  So, I pulled the pattern off the rack, hanger still in tow.

I placed my jersey pillow case on top of the pattern and started cutting.  Warning:  Do not try this at home and blame me if you screw up!

Next, the coveted supergirl boom pow fabric I scored from Etsy:

I must say, this is not how I was taught to cut my fabric.  But hey, my mom wasn't watching.  No one was watching.  I send everyone out of the house because I "have a deadline" today . . . . that's what I usually say anyway.  And it does work!

I attach all the pieces with the serger.  Even the neckband.  I just iron a fold to mark centers and get crazy.

Not bad at all!  Super!

Then I just fold under the sleeve ends, press with a warm iron (not too hot -- heat is the devil to knits!).
Line up the sleeves at the armpit to make sure they are kinda the same ( ha!) then grab a double needle and stitch.

And then when your daughter drives up and you say, go try your shirt on, you feel so very much like 


You can buy a copy of the PDF pattern from Greenstyle here.

See you chicks later!