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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

#bundleUP for Women Continues - VFT Ginger & FBA (Full Bust Adjustment)

You've seen lots of Violette Fields Ginger for Women variations during the blog tour . . . 

did you #bundleUP?

For me, the Ginger doesn't work without 

a Full Bust Adjustment.  


To learn more about the advantages of properly fitting your bust & small or full bust adjustment, visit Everything Your Mama Made & More for the blog series:  "All About the Bust"  

So today is just a look at how an FBA can make your Ginger hug your curves!

Oh, and look how cute my new shoes are . . . my first pair of flats!

Show some love to the bloggers on the Pattern Revolution Women's BundleUP 2015 Tour:

happy sewing!
gloria june

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Violette Fields Piper is playing my song

My last contribution to the Pattern Revolution BundleUP-Women tour is my vision of the Violette Fields Piper Misses.  You probably can't take this vision home to mama.   My take on the Piper is what I will call a bit risque.  Magical sewing mistress that I am.

I was pleasantly surprised by the full pattern pieces and at least one sewing skill this old broad doesn't see unless I dig into my paper pattern collection  -- a dart.  in the bodice even.  

This is both a scary but also exciting post in that I was teasing earlier today about whether or not I could "bring sexy back" to the women out there like me -- too close to 50 to not admit it.   I'll take the risk.  Why not?  

I am pleasantly surprised by this pattern.  It reminded me of the paper patterns I love to cut out while watching "Everybody Loves Raymond".  

Its a lot of cutting.  I don't mind at all.  I LOVE paper patterns. Tissue paper is much easier to ball up and put in the plastic grocery bag hanging off my glass on the side table though.  

What I did not like was the printing of 45 pages (black ink only), then cutting & positioning and then taping and then cutting out the pattern pieces.  

Don't get me wrong, it was worth it -- I love this pattern.  But with a paper pattern, at least I only have to cut once.  

I use a tracing wheel and tracing paper --- old fashioned maybe,
but it always gets the job done for me!

Something I've rarely come across since making PDF patterns -- a dart. I was surprised.  Perhaps the PDF pattern revolution will not block out all traditional sewing standards and practices in place -- sneaking the kind of sewing I know into your skill set secretly.   

So, here it is.  

I remembered the sheer blue & white polka dot fabric I found at a Hancock Fabrics "spot the bolt" sale last year (I bought oodles of it at $1 a yard).  Perfect.  

No need for a bow.  This dress and old broad doesn't need it.  

I feel seductive and silly at the same time.  

Success.  My emotions and hormones are cycling in chaos.  

Ergo, age appropriate behavior.    (giggles)

You can still #bundleup.  
The sale ends at midnight June 27, 2014.
Shop here.

Happy Sewing,

gloria june