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Friday, June 20, 2014

Its a nice day for a White Wedding with Jenny by Sis Boom & Scientific Seamstress

Sis Boom / Scientific Seamstress' Jenny in June

I'm back again with another look at Pattern Revolution's BundleUP for Women.

She's already been around the block, but the Jenny Dress for Women is always welcome.

This dress is a partnership design by Jennifer Paganelli of Sis Boom and Carla Hegeman Crim, the Scientific Seamstress.  A variety of sewing patterns are available from this crew: sewing patterns for children, women, men and accessories; as well as fabrics and decorating inspiration.
Find out more at their websites: Sis Boom and Scientific Seamstress.


The Plan

This is my first chance to make a Jenny.  Many of you have already bought the pattern, and many of you have actually made it.  (I've got plenty of patterns that I haven't even opened yet!) 

I just watched the season finale of "Little Couple" wherein the husband surprises his wife with a vow renewal ceremony and has her personal seamstress design a dress.

Wait, what, personal seamstress? I am my personal seamstress. Hmph.  My husband won't be able to do that.  And, he can't look into my clothes for tags showing my size because I make my clothes.  What do I do (just in case he whisks me away to Hawaii again and we renew our vows on the beach too . . . )

So I dig into my extremely large closet filled with hoarded fabrics and patterns and what do you know . . . lots of "white" fabrics and frills.  Ok, let's have a pretend White Wedding with Jenny!

The Details are in the Instructions

Scientific Seamstress patterns are full of detail and explanation and diagrams and drawings and, oh my . . . Yes, there are 215 pages in this pattern.  The majority of those pages are (shout it!) separate pattern pieces for each size!  Yep, no nesting.  And no color.  Just print out the size that best correlates to your measurements.  My ink cartridge thanks me!  

The instructions are much more detailed and may frighten you, but don't be scared -- all of it is there to help you improve your sewing skills & knowledge!  She truly has a sewing scientific method that will benefit you in ways you may not realize right away.  Its worth the time and lessons learned!

My Jenny

My body type is hard to fit.  Even following the guidelines to the letter, this dress doesn't fit my body the way I like.  My daughter and I have the same waist and hip measurements, but the dress will fall differently in different places on our bodies.  (gravity hasn't affected her 22 year old body yet!). 

My Jenny advice for you 

Bundle this pattern and learn techniques and tricks to custom fit a garment just for you!  Its worth it for now and for the future!

Here's what to do when you start your Jenny:  

Use your lining pieces as your muslin.  Prepare the lining following the instructions as you would the fashion fabric.  Try the lining on with a bra if you plan to wear one with this dress.  Make any adjustments on the lining piece, marking your changes with pins or marking pen/pencil.  

Now you can put together your fashion fabric pieces matching the adjustments you have made on your lining! Voila!   

You may not need any adjustment at all, depending on how your body type falls in the design of the dress.  If so, you're halfway through because you used your lining as the muslin!  Score!

The magic of sewing your own clothes is that YOU make it work for you.  

The magic of sewing patterns is 
that someone has worked very hard to give you a head start on your dream wardrobe. 

What will you dream to be in your Jenny?

The Blog Tour Continues throughout the sale.  Here's some more looks at the patterns available:

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Happy Sewing (and dreams),

gloria june

An outtake that I put back in.  Taking photos is not an easy task. And this has been a long month of secret sewing for all of you!
I'm running out of daylight here!