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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Sunny Days call for a Sunny Halter Top!

The 2014 Seamingly Smitten Summer Pattern Tour is underway!  Keep reading for your chance to enter the Rafflecopter Giveaway and a Coupon Code to the Etsy Shop.

Its Day 2 and I'm taking a look at the Sunny Halter Top for Women.  This pattern was released in 2012 and I asked to give it a try, opting to bring back an "oldie but a goodie" for the tour.  

Here's a few photos 
of the Sunny Halter Top from the Etsy Shop:  

And here's what I made using this pattern:

The Sunny Halter Top is, as your sewing magic allows, a versatile pattern.  You can make a pillow case style dress/shirt to coordinate with your daughters; a halter top/tunic or dress with or without a bow; a nightgown or "around the house" day gown; a lunch with friends outfit (I made that!) and, the elastic casing can be placed wherever you'd like as well!  Next one I make will have a tie inside of the casing instead of elastic.  I think that'd be cute!  

I started out with a yard and a half of an embroidered batik (found in my stash -- another clearance table find at Hancock Fabrics about 4 years ago . . . it got lost in the closet).  

I started to cut out my size top then decided to just go with the entire length of the fabric I had and see what happens  . . .

I decided to make a day dress!  I love the bow at the front side!  You can tie your straps into a bow or not, at front, back or even in the middle of the top casing . . . that's up to you.  

I used single fold bias tape on the armscye, opting to not press it in just yet -- I wanted to wait until I completed the casing and then sew up the side left open as per the instructions.  

I drew the horizontal line for the casing inside my dress and proceeded to stitch it in place.  This is a chance for you to move that needle if you haven't already tried it yet!  

Use your presser foot to help stabilize the bias tape on your dress/top.  Move your needle to the furthest point allowed on the side closest to the edge of your bias tape.  Stitch away!

Flip your garment around, and start sewing on the other side of the bias tape.  You shouldn't have to move your needle this way.

Once your casing is in place, don't forget to move your needle back to its original position!

I love how this looks!  I did cut this dress in a straight line instead of the slight grade in the pattern piece.  Decided where I wanted the bottom hem to lay and . . . . 

. . . added a big belt and voila!  Its cute and comfy! 

Now I wonder what it would look like in knit . . . . (searching enormous fabric hoard . . . . )

Found a cute cute pink & white knit.  I had a yard.  And, I decide that I want to have my elastic sit at the waist instead of the hip.  

I measured up 4 more inches from the recommended casing placement.  I took advantage of the stripes -- I simply marked the center point on the stripe that was to be my guideline, cut a piece of elastic at the measurement of my natural waist.  After securing the elastic in a circle, and marking the quarter points, I pinned it to the inside of my halter.  

I decided not to make a casing since the stripe would be a great guide as it was.  

margin-right: 1em;">

Stretched the elastic to fit, and stitched away.  

I also cut a piece of FOE, put it through the top casing, and decided to cut it, stitch it together, and hide the seam.  I don't have to tie anything!  It sits around my shoulders perfectly!

And as always, the chickens have to sneak into the photos . . . :)

And so I have another comfy shirt to wear this summer!  I actually wore it the rest of the day to do yardwork.  Super comfy and its my shirt the way I want it to be!

And just one more incentive for you . . . . 

Football Season is fast approaching . . . . 
Think of those matching game day dresses you can make!


Make a Sunny Halter Top for you, 
to match those pillow case dresses 
you made for your daughter!

Here's a Coupon to help you start 
sewing your summer wardrobe:  

and the Etsy Shop link here.

A previous post in my blog HERE shows several other items I've made with Seamingly Smitten Patterns if you need some help deciding what patterns to choose!  (and a couple how-to's)

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Enter the Giveaway below for your chance to win 

5 Seamingly Smitten Sewing Patterns of choice (a $40 value)

Winners will be announced Saturday July 26th on the 

 and via Email.  

 Good Luck y'all!

Happy Sewing,

gloria june

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Greenstyle Creations Taylor Shorts for Women PDF Sewing Pattern

Yay!  Its here!  You can now purchase the Taylor Shorts for Women (size 0-18) here!

Previously part of the Womens BundleUP offered by Pattern Revolution, the women's Taylor Shorts are now available as a stand-alone purchase from Greenstyle Creations.  

There are three length options, flat or pleated front, and a contoured waistband.  There is a zippered fly, but no worries, a video tutorial is provided by Greenstyle Creations on their website here. 

This pair of shorts is made with duck fabric . . . isn't it a fun print!
You can find the seahorse print at Hobby Lobby!

I love the comfort of the shorts, and the fact that I can "Taylor" the pattern to fit me using my sewing skills and tailoring knowledge.  Now you can make your own pair of shorts for the summer, in a rainbow of colors and prints to suit your taste!

Since we are all shaped differently (I make a smaller size waistband and take in the back darts a bit more to make my perfect fit), Greenstyle has some helpful guidance for the waistband. If you're a little nervous about making a contoured waistband, watch the video tutorial here.

Here are a couple of pairs I made while testing the pattern.  

I used a lightweight Twill above and a Cotton Duck below.

And here is a seersucker pair for my daughter. . . . you may recognize this pair of shorts . . ..

They are the shorts you see in the piping tutorial on Greenstyle Creations website here.

I often take pictures along the way while testing a pattern . . . it helps the designer see how we understand the directions he/she are drafting; and,  in this case, it helps you if you're looking for some guidance for to add piping to a garment!

LOVE my piping foot!

Get started on your personalized pair of summer shorts!  

I went to Hobby Lobby and grabbed some of that seahorse duck fabric for ME!  

I went shopping wearing my Lille Racerback (Maxi) -- a review of that pattern is here and the pattern can be purchased here.  

Happy Sewing,

gloria june

Friday, June 27, 2014

One more . . . My favorite bundleUP item is the SPRING LILY from Ellie Inspired!

I just couldn't end showing you what I made for the bundleUP.  I have to show you one of the garments I tested.  

The Spring Lily is my FAVORITE garment from the bundleUP.  Its smart and stylish! And -- yes, its true -- EASY to construct!  

There are four pattern pieces (sleeve is optional, so I used only 3 pieces), and measurements for your skirt piece.  

Princess seams make up the front bodice -- its simply sewing two pieces together that are sort of on the concave.  You just shape the pieces together as you sew.  Don't be scared!  If you need a little more encouragement, Craftsy has a little help for you here.

The skirt is completed by making box pleats.  Don't be afraid of that either, it is much simpler than you think!  I'm not a pinner, so you can imagine watching me fold my pleats as I sew . . . probably not a good thing to watch because you are already scared, so I'll let you watch a little video here to help you get started.  
You can also pin and iron as you go, to help hold the box pleats. And then stay stitch to hold them in place before you attach to your bodice.  

The arrow points to the marks I made to guide me while making the box pleats.  I took this picture during the testing process to show the new kids on the block one way to do the pleats.  I did my pleats at the machine as I sewed.  I know, that probably makes you squeamish.  I am lazy and that was a quick way to get 'er done!

I used my lining piece as my muslin.  I have a much smaller waist (I am built like a woman, not a rectangle!) so I knew that I would have to take in the waist area, as I do with everything I sew.  

This is my lining, used as the muslin in the testing of the Spring Lily.  I was halfway there since I used the lining as a fit guide!  When I started sewing my fashion fabric, I knew exactly where I needed to increase my seam allowances or how much/less deeper to make my darts.  

I have a mannequin!  Do you?  I love to use it for projects like this! I usually put my favorite bra on the mannequin to make sure everything hits where I want it to . . . 

And it does!

No one was supposed to ever see these photos . . . they were taken during testing.  

My daughter removed the mirrors from the guest bath and put them in her room.  

Here comes Mommy!!!!!

The Spring Lily does have a zipper in the back.  The instructions are clear and pictures help along the way. . . come on, you put a zipper in your Taylor shorts, didn't you?

The design of the Lily shows my curves wonderfully.  

I'm ready for photos now!
Had to wear the pearls for this!

What in the heck can I do with my arms so that I don't create wrinkles
because my arms are funky . . . .
I sew, I'm not a photographer!

Mad Men -esque?

Now, these were taken well after testing and when I got my new camera!  

Please step out of your little girl panties and into the wonderfully magical world of self-care sewing and add the Spring Lily to your BundleUP!

Happy Sewing y'all,

gloria june

Friday, June 20, 2014

Its a nice day for a White Wedding with Jenny by Sis Boom & Scientific Seamstress

Sis Boom / Scientific Seamstress' Jenny in June

I'm back again with another look at Pattern Revolution's BundleUP for Women.

She's already been around the block, but the Jenny Dress for Women is always welcome.

This dress is a partnership design by Jennifer Paganelli of Sis Boom and Carla Hegeman Crim, the Scientific Seamstress.  A variety of sewing patterns are available from this crew: sewing patterns for children, women, men and accessories; as well as fabrics and decorating inspiration.
Find out more at their websites: Sis Boom and Scientific Seamstress.


The Plan

This is my first chance to make a Jenny.  Many of you have already bought the pattern, and many of you have actually made it.  (I've got plenty of patterns that I haven't even opened yet!) 

I just watched the season finale of "Little Couple" wherein the husband surprises his wife with a vow renewal ceremony and has her personal seamstress design a dress.

Wait, what, personal seamstress? I am my personal seamstress. Hmph.  My husband won't be able to do that.  And, he can't look into my clothes for tags showing my size because I make my clothes.  What do I do (just in case he whisks me away to Hawaii again and we renew our vows on the beach too . . . )

So I dig into my extremely large closet filled with hoarded fabrics and patterns and what do you know . . . lots of "white" fabrics and frills.  Ok, let's have a pretend White Wedding with Jenny!

The Details are in the Instructions

Scientific Seamstress patterns are full of detail and explanation and diagrams and drawings and, oh my . . . Yes, there are 215 pages in this pattern.  The majority of those pages are (shout it!) separate pattern pieces for each size!  Yep, no nesting.  And no color.  Just print out the size that best correlates to your measurements.  My ink cartridge thanks me!  

The instructions are much more detailed and may frighten you, but don't be scared -- all of it is there to help you improve your sewing skills & knowledge!  She truly has a sewing scientific method that will benefit you in ways you may not realize right away.  Its worth the time and lessons learned!

My Jenny

My body type is hard to fit.  Even following the guidelines to the letter, this dress doesn't fit my body the way I like.  My daughter and I have the same waist and hip measurements, but the dress will fall differently in different places on our bodies.  (gravity hasn't affected her 22 year old body yet!). 

My Jenny advice for you 

Bundle this pattern and learn techniques and tricks to custom fit a garment just for you!  Its worth it for now and for the future!

Here's what to do when you start your Jenny:  

Use your lining pieces as your muslin.  Prepare the lining following the instructions as you would the fashion fabric.  Try the lining on with a bra if you plan to wear one with this dress.  Make any adjustments on the lining piece, marking your changes with pins or marking pen/pencil.  

Now you can put together your fashion fabric pieces matching the adjustments you have made on your lining! Voila!   

You may not need any adjustment at all, depending on how your body type falls in the design of the dress.  If so, you're halfway through because you used your lining as the muslin!  Score!

The magic of sewing your own clothes is that YOU make it work for you.  

The magic of sewing patterns is 
that someone has worked very hard to give you a head start on your dream wardrobe. 

What will you dream to be in your Jenny?

The Blog Tour Continues throughout the sale.  Here's some more looks at the patterns available:

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Happy Sewing (and dreams),

gloria june

An outtake that I put back in.  Taking photos is not an easy task. And this has been a long month of secret sewing for all of you!
I'm running out of daylight here!