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Friday, September 5, 2014

Muffin Head “A League Of Their Own” Inspired Sewing Pattern

I love vintage, don't you? 

I recently tested the "Peaches" PDF sewing pattern for ladies by Muffin Head Patterns. Frances Twining, owner/designer, has a hint of vintage in all of her patterns. Her business FaceBook page describes her specialty as " . . . pdf sewing with vintage appeal. Our clothes are modest and retro, you won't find a bare back or plunging neckline here". She approaches pattern making with the consensus of many moms who feel that modesty can still be fashionable! 
Muffin Head Patterns are made for comfort and style, focusing on creating clothing patterns for girls sizes 2 – 16 and women's xs – 5x. 

Take a look at her website here: Patterns for purchase, size charts, and a blog for your reading and sewing pleasure!

Keep reading for a chance to win this pattern! Details Below!

First up, my version of the "Peaches" sewing pattern based on the uniforms worn by the actresses in "A League of Their Own"

Welcome the beautiful Gabrielle "Gabby" Champion, (or my gabby as I lovingly refer to my future daughter-in-law!!!). This is Gabby's first time modeling for me . . . she is a professional photographer and has a really fantastic professional camera . . . she let me take pictures for this shoot with her camera!!! Isn't she fun!

The pattern is well written and contains great instructions to help you through each step. Also included are instructions for a full bust adjustment and sleeve lengthening (get ready for fall/winter) as well. I thoroughly enjoyed this pattern!

Gabby didn't fret when the chickens came around . . . My chickens love to pose as well. I bought the hat at Hobby Lobby and used an embroidery file purchased from SewAmykins. You can find the embroidery file here: SewAmykins

I needed the embroidery file to fit a 5x7 hoop to look right on a ladies' blouse. Using my Pacesetter Software from Brother, I cut & pasted the scales to a new file. Increased the size by 50%. Then, back at the original file, I chose "fit to hoop" for the remaining items in the circular moniker. I then pasted the re-sized scales onto this file and voila, the perfect size for the women's uniform!

My son Joey will be sporting an outfit based on Tom Hank's uniform from the movie and BAM! Halloween is done (well, for the adults in my life anyway!). I'll be using this pattern from Simplicity, View A:

Next, I made the dress option for ME!!

Totally in love with the possibilities of this version! I chose the gathered skirt, but you can certainly use the A-Line version from Gabby's above. And I had some fun sunglasses I purchased this summer. This dress is made with fabrics from Hobby Lobby. Love how the combination I chose works!

I love scrunchy belts! This dress was designed to fit over your chest without the need for a side zipper, so there's a little bit more room in the waist. The pattern includes instructions to make a belt, but I just love the look and ease of a scrunchy belt so there ya go! If you are an advanced seamstress, you can tighten the waist and add in a line of snaps (for a real vintage design) or a side zipper.
Love the collar on this one! I joked with some friends with a little song . . .

"Look at me . . . I'm not Sandra Dee . . .
 Just call me Rizzo!"


My fellow magical sewing mistresses, are you thinking Halloween costumes yet?! This could be your answer . . . and still have fabulous outfits for the rest of the year . . . 


. . . Like a Fabulous Coat! Rain Coat for me!!!

Got wind of another sale at Hancock Fabrics and picked up some wonderful laminated cotton/rain coat fabric at . . . . $2.97 a yard!!!! I think this is my favorite way (SO FAR) that I have magically made this pattern FOR ME! What do you think?

Looks great over my little black dress, don't you think?

So ends another great week of testing . . . and new friends in the sewing groups. Great inspiration and magic of their own!

For you moms out there that want a version for your little girls, here's a link to those patterns in the shop: Size 2 - 8 (Rockford Inspired Uniform) and Size 10 - 16 (Rockford Inspired Uniform) and Sizes NB, 6m, 12m, 18m (Rockford Inspired Uniform). These patterns include a vintage dress version (front opening bodice as shown in my "Rizzo" photos.)

For you moms that want to make your versions of my visions above, the patterns can be found here: XS-XL Bundle and here XL-3XL bundle.


And for your chance to win a copy of the Ladies Peaches pattern I've sewn up . . . . . start here! 

Good luck!
Giveaway Ends at Midnight, CST, September 9, 2014


Happy Sewing!

gloria june

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Sunny Days call for a Sunny Halter Top!

The 2014 Seamingly Smitten Summer Pattern Tour is underway!  Keep reading for your chance to enter the Rafflecopter Giveaway and a Coupon Code to the Etsy Shop.

Its Day 2 and I'm taking a look at the Sunny Halter Top for Women.  This pattern was released in 2012 and I asked to give it a try, opting to bring back an "oldie but a goodie" for the tour.  

Here's a few photos 
of the Sunny Halter Top from the Etsy Shop:  

And here's what I made using this pattern:

The Sunny Halter Top is, as your sewing magic allows, a versatile pattern.  You can make a pillow case style dress/shirt to coordinate with your daughters; a halter top/tunic or dress with or without a bow; a nightgown or "around the house" day gown; a lunch with friends outfit (I made that!) and, the elastic casing can be placed wherever you'd like as well!  Next one I make will have a tie inside of the casing instead of elastic.  I think that'd be cute!  

I started out with a yard and a half of an embroidered batik (found in my stash -- another clearance table find at Hancock Fabrics about 4 years ago . . . it got lost in the closet).  

I started to cut out my size top then decided to just go with the entire length of the fabric I had and see what happens  . . .

I decided to make a day dress!  I love the bow at the front side!  You can tie your straps into a bow or not, at front, back or even in the middle of the top casing . . . that's up to you.  

I used single fold bias tape on the armscye, opting to not press it in just yet -- I wanted to wait until I completed the casing and then sew up the side left open as per the instructions.  

I drew the horizontal line for the casing inside my dress and proceeded to stitch it in place.  This is a chance for you to move that needle if you haven't already tried it yet!  

Use your presser foot to help stabilize the bias tape on your dress/top.  Move your needle to the furthest point allowed on the side closest to the edge of your bias tape.  Stitch away!

Flip your garment around, and start sewing on the other side of the bias tape.  You shouldn't have to move your needle this way.

Once your casing is in place, don't forget to move your needle back to its original position!

I love how this looks!  I did cut this dress in a straight line instead of the slight grade in the pattern piece.  Decided where I wanted the bottom hem to lay and . . . . 

. . . added a big belt and voila!  Its cute and comfy! 

Now I wonder what it would look like in knit . . . . (searching enormous fabric hoard . . . . )

Found a cute cute pink & white knit.  I had a yard.  And, I decide that I want to have my elastic sit at the waist instead of the hip.  

I measured up 4 more inches from the recommended casing placement.  I took advantage of the stripes -- I simply marked the center point on the stripe that was to be my guideline, cut a piece of elastic at the measurement of my natural waist.  After securing the elastic in a circle, and marking the quarter points, I pinned it to the inside of my halter.  

I decided not to make a casing since the stripe would be a great guide as it was.  

margin-right: 1em;">

Stretched the elastic to fit, and stitched away.  

I also cut a piece of FOE, put it through the top casing, and decided to cut it, stitch it together, and hide the seam.  I don't have to tie anything!  It sits around my shoulders perfectly!

And as always, the chickens have to sneak into the photos . . . :)

And so I have another comfy shirt to wear this summer!  I actually wore it the rest of the day to do yardwork.  Super comfy and its my shirt the way I want it to be!

And just one more incentive for you . . . . 

Football Season is fast approaching . . . . 
Think of those matching game day dresses you can make!


Make a Sunny Halter Top for you, 
to match those pillow case dresses 
you made for your daughter!

Here's a Coupon to help you start 
sewing your summer wardrobe:  

and the Etsy Shop link here.

A previous post in my blog HERE shows several other items I've made with Seamingly Smitten Patterns if you need some help deciding what patterns to choose!  (and a couple how-to's)

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Enter the Giveaway below for your chance to win 

5 Seamingly Smitten Sewing Patterns of choice (a $40 value)

Winners will be announced Saturday July 26th on the 

 and via Email.  

 Good Luck y'all!

Happy Sewing,

gloria june

Monday, July 21, 2014

Patterns for Pirates High Low Tide Top for Girls

Ahoy Girl Mateys!  

Are you gearing up for back to school outfits?  Here's a pattern for you to get a head start on your fall wardrobe.  (The entire pattern collection of Patterns for Pirates can be found here or here.)

The High Low Tide Top is a knit top for girls in size 3 mos. - 14 years.  Two sleeve lengths (mid and long), and two options to finish the sleeve (ruffled or cuffs).  

There are 15 pages to print, color coded with cutting guide for cuffs and ruffles included on a pattern piece.  The pages for pattern pieces line up on top of each other -- no need to cut while assembling the pages.  

I found the pattern easy to assemble and the sewing instructions clear and easy to follow.  It was fun and a pleasure to sew up quick top for my little model matey, Fiona.  Isn't she adorable!

I found this Fashion Knit on the Hancock Fabrics clearance tables at 60% off, plus I had a 15% off my total purchase coupon!  For the size 8 shown in this post, I purchased 1 1/2 yards.   

I used my ruffler foot to gather the hi-lo portion of the the top.  Its just so much easier now that I know how to adjust my ruffler foot.  I bought the Bernina foot for my Bernina Sewing Machine.  I did not want to take the chance with a bargain foot.  It was worth the money!

For the neckline binding, I used a Girl Charlee knit ponte de roma with spandex that I had in my stash.  (you can find it here)
I usually mark my quarters with an iron instead of a pin or marker when its a neckline.  

Lined up perfectly!

And Fiona said, "I think its Pretty!!"

I enjoyed testing this top!  The size 8 was perfect and I did not have to change anything at all so this top is good to go for Fiona!  

Get your copy in the Patterns for Pirates Etsy Shop or the Crafty Shop.  Enjoy!

Happy Sewing,

gloria june

PS:  The Mannequin used in this post is reviewed here and includes a link to purchase the pattern.  

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Violette Fields Piper is playing my song

My last contribution to the Pattern Revolution BundleUP-Women tour is my vision of the Violette Fields Piper Misses.  You probably can't take this vision home to mama.   My take on the Piper is what I will call a bit risque.  Magical sewing mistress that I am.

I was pleasantly surprised by the full pattern pieces and at least one sewing skill this old broad doesn't see unless I dig into my paper pattern collection  -- a dart.  in the bodice even.  

This is both a scary but also exciting post in that I was teasing earlier today about whether or not I could "bring sexy back" to the women out there like me -- too close to 50 to not admit it.   I'll take the risk.  Why not?  

I am pleasantly surprised by this pattern.  It reminded me of the paper patterns I love to cut out while watching "Everybody Loves Raymond".  

Its a lot of cutting.  I don't mind at all.  I LOVE paper patterns. Tissue paper is much easier to ball up and put in the plastic grocery bag hanging off my glass on the side table though.  

What I did not like was the printing of 45 pages (black ink only), then cutting & positioning and then taping and then cutting out the pattern pieces.  

Don't get me wrong, it was worth it -- I love this pattern.  But with a paper pattern, at least I only have to cut once.  

I use a tracing wheel and tracing paper --- old fashioned maybe,
but it always gets the job done for me!

Something I've rarely come across since making PDF patterns -- a dart. I was surprised.  Perhaps the PDF pattern revolution will not block out all traditional sewing standards and practices in place -- sneaking the kind of sewing I know into your skill set secretly.   

So, here it is.  

I remembered the sheer blue & white polka dot fabric I found at a Hancock Fabrics "spot the bolt" sale last year (I bought oodles of it at $1 a yard).  Perfect.  

No need for a bow.  This dress and old broad doesn't need it.  

I feel seductive and silly at the same time.  

Success.  My emotions and hormones are cycling in chaos.  

Ergo, age appropriate behavior.    (giggles)

You can still #bundleup.  
The sale ends at midnight June 27, 2014.
Shop here.

Happy Sewing,

gloria june