Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Greenstyle Creations Lille Racerback - A Sewing Pattern for Day to Night and Inbetween. Plus a Bonus How-To AND Discount Code!

Greenstyle Creations' Lille Racerback Tank or Dress is an absolute must-have pattern!  You can dress it up, make everyday wear, workout wear, sports wear, evening wear, . . . . its all up to you!  

You can purchase the pattern at GreenstyleCreations here.  Look around the website, there's lots of PDF Sewing Patterns to choose from, not just women's patterns, but children, teens and men too! 

 There may be a code at the end of today's blog for a discount!!!!  keep reading . . . . 

I love knits -- they are so very forgiving.  As my body changes, I find it much easier to dress in knits and also to sew my own wardrobe to make everything fit my body the way I want it to!  And the cherry-on-top for me with this pattern is . . . . . the Built-in Shelf Bra!!! Yay!  

Here are some of the creations I've made with this sewing pattern:

The Maxi Length made custom length for me because I walk fast!

Every Southern Girl Monograms!

 I love Tennis!!!  

Now I can make my own Tennis Dresses!

Yep, I embroidered on this too . . . Peace, Love, Tennis

How about some summer evening/date wear?

I used stretch lace here as an accent.

Love how this dress accentuates my curves!

And here is an everyday, 
built-in shelf bra 
because I'm too lazy, short dress version


I did mention that I was lazy, right?  I decided not to bind my everyday shelf bra dress (above).  I was done.  Tired.  Just mowed the "back 40" (southern term).  This was my third version of the Lille in the testing process (I wanted to make it in as many ways as I had the time for).  I wanted something to throw on after a shower, something that would keep the girls in place, something comfy, something Greenstyle.  

Here's what I decided to do:

I used tricot for the built in bra.

Followed instructions in the pattern to attach, and added my own twist . . . .

I stitched my tricot and fashion fabric, right sides together, along the armscye and necklines . . . . . . 

. . . . stopping just short of the ends at the top seams.  You'll see why in a moment.

Having this opening (shown above) allows us to achieve the  non-binding method.  

Here I am, happy as a clam, but not picture happy (selfies are a necessary part of testing).  

I'm happy because my girls are in place, I can be lazy today, and I didn't have to attach binding.  I love the clean look of this!

Now, take this link to the GreenstyleCreations website.  
Use the special code of "Gloria25". You can get 25% off your total order today!

Happy Sewing,