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Friday, June 27, 2014

One more . . . My favorite bundleUP item is the SPRING LILY from Ellie Inspired!

I just couldn't end showing you what I made for the bundleUP.  I have to show you one of the garments I tested.  

The Spring Lily is my FAVORITE garment from the bundleUP.  Its smart and stylish! And -- yes, its true -- EASY to construct!  

There are four pattern pieces (sleeve is optional, so I used only 3 pieces), and measurements for your skirt piece.  

Princess seams make up the front bodice -- its simply sewing two pieces together that are sort of on the concave.  You just shape the pieces together as you sew.  Don't be scared!  If you need a little more encouragement, Craftsy has a little help for you here.

The skirt is completed by making box pleats.  Don't be afraid of that either, it is much simpler than you think!  I'm not a pinner, so you can imagine watching me fold my pleats as I sew . . . probably not a good thing to watch because you are already scared, so I'll let you watch a little video here to help you get started.  
You can also pin and iron as you go, to help hold the box pleats. And then stay stitch to hold them in place before you attach to your bodice.  

The arrow points to the marks I made to guide me while making the box pleats.  I took this picture during the testing process to show the new kids on the block one way to do the pleats.  I did my pleats at the machine as I sewed.  I know, that probably makes you squeamish.  I am lazy and that was a quick way to get 'er done!

I used my lining piece as my muslin.  I have a much smaller waist (I am built like a woman, not a rectangle!) so I knew that I would have to take in the waist area, as I do with everything I sew.  

This is my lining, used as the muslin in the testing of the Spring Lily.  I was halfway there since I used the lining as a fit guide!  When I started sewing my fashion fabric, I knew exactly where I needed to increase my seam allowances or how much/less deeper to make my darts.  

I have a mannequin!  Do you?  I love to use it for projects like this! I usually put my favorite bra on the mannequin to make sure everything hits where I want it to . . . 

And it does!

No one was supposed to ever see these photos . . . they were taken during testing.  

My daughter removed the mirrors from the guest bath and put them in her room.  

Here comes Mommy!!!!!

The Spring Lily does have a zipper in the back.  The instructions are clear and pictures help along the way. . . come on, you put a zipper in your Taylor shorts, didn't you?

The design of the Lily shows my curves wonderfully.  

I'm ready for photos now!
Had to wear the pearls for this!

What in the heck can I do with my arms so that I don't create wrinkles
because my arms are funky . . . .
I sew, I'm not a photographer!

Mad Men -esque?

Now, these were taken well after testing and when I got my new camera!  

Please step out of your little girl panties and into the wonderfully magical world of self-care sewing and add the Spring Lily to your BundleUP!

Happy Sewing y'all,

gloria june