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Monday, June 23, 2014

PJ's are in the Women's BundleUP!

Suzanne Winter, of Winter Wears, has released her first PDF Sewing Pattern and it's just for you!  AND, its a freebie until June 27, 2014 if you BundleUP!

Parisian Nights PJs

Comfort is the goal in these pajamas.  Suzanne designed these for use with light knits and stretch lace.  So for those of you who are drooling over the lightweight knits at Girl Charlee, this is the pattern for you to finally take the plunge and order those fabrics under 7 ounces!

Here's the sizing information so you can start adding to your cart!

When these pjs came up for testing, I was already in Walmart picking up some odds and ends.  I was strolling past the men's department when I noticed the files were ready for download.  The Tshirt fabric isn't lightweight and slinky, but it will work for a test garment . . . . 

Let's grab a couple of men's t-shirts and see what happens!  

Now for the pictorial  . . . . . 

I love my ruffler foot.  I use it to gather everything.  It makes a beautiful finished look.

There is decorative stitching using a variegated (multi-colored) thread across the top of the bodice and on the hems of the shorts, but my daughter stole my pjs and she's on a mini vacay.  :(

No need to remake.  The test PJs are perfect for us!

I used Tshirts for this test because I had the idea that, for those of you who have husbands that collect Tshirts and they need to be upcycled or thrown away, here's one way to catch his eye with his favorite sports team or rock band displayed on your pj's!  Cut out panels from the usable parts of the Tshirt if its closer to time to throw them away and he will notice you've saved something for him!  

These are comfy y'all.  You'll love having an option to make your own PJs!

Happy Sewing,

gloria june