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Monday, May 5, 2014

Get your Twirl on with Candy Castle Patterns Peppermint Swirl Add-on for Ladies

Isn't this a fabulous dress! 

I made this Peppermint Swirl Add-on for Ladies during the testing process. My daughter saw the testing call and her jaw dropped, 
"Mom, we gotta do that one!  Ask Rebecca if we can!"  
and so I did.

And Kelly was very thankful!

So was I.  This incredible twirling wonder had me dizzy with excitement!

I secretly put on my daughter's dress and twirled a little . . . ok, I twirled a lot, but I didn't want to give you three minutes of me twirling!!

The Add-on, as tested and highlighted in this post, began with the Cherry Cosmopolitan Dress for Ladies (which we also tested).  Here's a couple of photos of the Cosmo before we transformed the pattern with a twirl.  

A sampling of me (48) my 22 year old daughter in the same dress. 

Its really compliments a wide range of ages, you should try it!

Don't be put off by the amount of fabric it requires.  
My broadcloth purchase was a steal at my local Walmart:

The pattern is well-written and photos help you along the way.  I took almost an hour to sew up the swirls using my serger, which went very smoothly, and I didn't notice the hour pass at all!  

I made a template by adhering the pattern pieces onto cardboard so that I could measure out on the fabric itself where/how I would cut my swirls and easily through all the layers required for the size I chose.  I traced the templates first, then moved them over and traced again to determine the best way to cut and utilize the fabric.  There are recommendations drawn out for you in the pattern instructions that help with this part!! Sweet!

After that, it was smooth sailing.  
You will be amazed at how it all comes together!  Its truly magical!  

We had a bit of fun with photo editing here . . . .the dress seems so perfect for cosplay / fantasy wear! 

What are you waiting for!

You can add any bodice to this skirt if you know what you're doing; however, if you're not quite comfortable sewing a mash up on your own, the Cherry Cosmopolitan pattern is available in the shop for your sewing pleasure!

It was my pleasure testing this dress for Rebecca at Candy Castle Patterns.  I look forward to many more items for Ladies.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

See you again soon!

gloria june