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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A New Year Resolution for my Fabric Hoard

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Here it is. My dreadful closet. Well, only ¼ of it. I would have to take a panoramic shot to get the whole closet in. Its wicked large.

Its black & white 
because I feel so dreary when I go in there for fabric . . . .

There is definitely no sewing magic in there that I can find when I need to.

If you're like me, you find yourself in the clearance section of Hobby Lobby after you've picked up too much fabric, ribbon and trims. Over the holidays, I made several trips to my local store (ok, both local stores, one south and one east). I came across packages of "Value Pack Matboard". Since I had put off (again) ordering the comic book backing boards from Amazon, I decided its time to actually buy something to get started on organizing my fabric hoard. I picked up two packs, on sale at $4.79 each, 35 pieces measuring 8"x10". 

Naturally, these two packs sat under my box of Christmas Fabric that I pull out every year. And now that I'm putting that box away, and happen to be prewashing a load of cotton fabric I found on sale at a local quilt/fabric shop, I felt forced (yes, forced) to make some magic happen. 



It would definitely be magical, like a dream, if I actually executed a fully organized effort to store my fabrics.
If you're in the same boat, go ahead and pick up whatever you can find in the store or online to start putting your fabric away, neatly, or at least in a fashion that would allow you to find it during the season its meant for. Like, say, these fabrics I bought the same day I bought the mat board at Hobby Lobby so I could make a quilt or something by Christmas . . . .

I'm blogging about this in hopes that I'll actually complete this goal. Feel free to encourage me with comments about your Fabric Hoard Organization.
I think we need to create an online support group, . . . . say "fabric hoarders anonymous" and create
12 steps to a dreamlike hoard . . . . I'll let that be your goal. I'm still wrapping fabric around these mat boards . . . .

The steps are simple, and its been blogged about time and time again. 
Here's what I did:

Haven't decided which way I want to position the fabric, but I've made progress toward my New Year Resolution. 

What would you do? How do you organize your fabrics?

I do believe that if I could just fold my arms and blink, 
I'd be one happy girl . . . .

Have a safe & happy New Year everyone, and, as always,

Happy Sewing!